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Sunday, May 5, 2019

May 05, 2019

What is Megapixel With Full Information | tech smart earning

What is Megapixel With Full Information

Nowadays, we all use Phone, Computer, Camera, etc. and many people have not knowledge about the Mega Pixel. If you are buying the mobile from shop and you do not know about Mega Pixel then you do not know about the quality of phone. Mega Pixel is common words if you are capturing the photos in group with friends, family etc. If we need best quality image then we need high Megapixel. In this article,  we will discuss about what is Megapixel.

What is Megapixel ?

We can say that Megapixel is the million pixel in short form. If you are thinking what is pixel ? 

Almost all the mobile in back part have sensor. In that sensor that have small small pixel and all of that pixel have capacity to capture the light color. If you are taking a photo then all the pixels are capturing the light, color and contrast and if all the pixels are combined then you can view that image which you are captured. The high Megapixels you have, the high quality of image you will get. For example, if you are zooming the image which you have captures in high Megapixel then you get high clarity.

What is the Resolution of Megapixel ?

Now, we know that what is Megapixel. 1 Megapixel have 1152 to 864 it means that it have 1152 pixel length and 864 pixel height. If you multiple it then you will get almost 1 million pixel. In 2 Megapixel have 1600 to 1200 it means that it have 1600 length pixel and 1200 height pixel. If you multiple it you will get almost 2 million pixel. According to increase the number of Megapixel the image will have more clarity. For example if there are two people having different Megapixels, one have 4 Megapixels and one have 8 Megapixels and same sensors then we cannot see the improvement of that same image. So that, the sensors should also be high for high quality image and clarity.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April 30, 2019

5 most important tips and tricks for all computer user to our daily life

5 most important tips and tricks for all computer user to our daily life

Hello Guys. Today I will tell you 5 tips and tricks for computer user. If you think you are computer expert or interested to know about computer or you know about all the computer information then you must know this tips and tricks.

1. Changing the password in Computer/Laptop

If I said to change the password of your Computer then you will go to control panel. After going there, you will enter current password and create new password. It is long process method. Today, this article will show you the best and easy way to change the password of your Computer. If you forget the Computer password no need to worry about that. It can be easy change. Just go to Window and enter cmd and after going to command prompt, Run as Administrator. And enter net user. 

After entering you will find all the user account of your computer. And enter net user and  your user account name and give the password whatever you want.

2. Block the websites

If you think you are computer expert, then  you must know how to block the websites. If you want to block the websites, then go to run and enter %windir%\system32\drivers\etc. 

After entering then you will find hosts, imhost.sam, networks, protocol and services. Select the hosts you will see the open with and select the word pad. After selecting that, which websites you want to block. You have to enter the local ip address and link of website . Just go to upper ip address and copy that ip address. 

You will find this type of ip address ( After copying the ip address, just go to ip address and see the last digit number and add +1. If there is 1 then you have to enter 2. If the upper ip address is then we have to enter, you get it. After entering local ip address then you have to enter the link of websites whatever you want to block like I want to block youtube then I will enter local ip address space This website is not totally blocked. You have to copy the local ip address and link of website and paste it. If local ip address is then you have to add +1 in last number like and in websites you have to add www. like I will select the youtube then I have to enter because there are two types of websites there are with and without www. OK. And I will enter like this and save it(CTRL + S) OK. Hope you understand. IF not then watch the video which I have given in above.

3. View Saved Password of Wifi Connected

Go to Network Button.

Click it and select the wifi which the password is saved in your computer. I have selected the Digicome and right click that wifi which is saved in my computer. 

And go to Properties and click the show character button. You will see the saved password in your computer.

4. Hide any File and Folder

If you want to hide any file and folder then go to that files and folder and right that file and folder. I will choose this folder after right click that files and folders then go to Properties. 

And you will find hide button. The file and folder will be hidden. This folder is hiddden and I will refresh and you will see that the folder is hidden. And if you share that main folder to your friend then that main folder will be seen but that you have hidden the file or folder will not be seen.

Then how to unhide the file and folder. Go to Tools button and click that tools button and you will find folder options, click that folder options. After clicking that folder options you will find three button. Click the view button. 

And search the show hidden files, folders and drives. After clicking that, click Ok. After that right click that file or folder and go to Properties and untick that hidden button.

5. Hide any Drives

If you want to hide any drives and wants to make your drive hidden or no one viewed your drives then you can easily do this.

First, Go to Run.
Press Window+R
Then enter gpedit.msc
After entering
You will see Local Group Policy.
Double click Administrative Templates.
After clicking that again you have to click the Window Components.

And again to have clicks Window Explorer.

Then you have to search the (Hide these specified drives in my computer). 

After clicking that Enabled.

And you have to click the restrict all devices and you will find lots of option and you can easily hide the drives.
Then how to Unhide the drives.
All the process are same just you have to disable and the drives will be unhide.

Monday, April 29, 2019

April 29, 2019

How to Find Anybody's IP Address

How to Find Anybody's IP Address


What is Ip Address ?
"IP" stands for Internet Protocol, so an IP address is an Internet Protocol address. An Internet Protocol is a set of rules that govern Internet activity and facilitate completion of a variety of actions on the World Wide Web. Therefore an Internet Protocol address is part of the systematically laid out interconnected grid that governs online communication by identifying both initiating devices and various Internet destinations, thereby making two-way communication possible.

How to Find Anybody's IP Address
It is quite easy to find anybody Ip Address. You can get Ip Address by chatting from facebook,
twitter and so on. Follow all the steps given below: 

1. Create Link

You can create any URL or link to any image on the internet to shorten it. You have to create tracking link. If someone click the link then you will get ip address.

Go to

You have to create link.
And click in URL SHORTEN.

You can put any URL or link you liked. Click shorten and accept Terms and Conditions. After doing that , you have to do create google URL SHORTEN and you have to click create to click.

2. Share the Link
You have to share the link in social media like facebook, twitter, etc.

3. Check IP Address
After sharing the link, if the user clicked the link then you will see the Ip Address of that user. Go to Logged IP's then you see the Ip Address if the user clicked your created link otherwise, not.

It will show Ip Address. It also show location but it does not give accurate place.
This is for educational purpose. please do not misuse it.
DO NOT perform any illegal or illicit activity using this services .