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What is Megapixel With Full Information

Nowadays, we all use Phone, Computer, Camera, etc. and many people have not knowledge about the Mega Pixel. If you are buying the mobile from shop and you do not know about Mega Pixel then you do not know about the quality of phone. Mega Pixel is common words if you are capturing the photos in group with friends, family etc. If we need best quality image then we need high Megapixel. In this article,  we will discuss about what is Megapixel.

What is Megapixel ?

We can say that Megapixel is the million pixel in short form. If you are thinking what is pixel ? 

Almost all the mobile in back part have sensor. In that sensor that have small small pixel and all of that pixel have capacity to capture the light color. If you are taking a photo then all the pixels are capturing the light, color and contrast and if all the pixels are combined then you can view that image which you are captured. The high Megapixels you have, the high quality of image you will get. For example, if you are zooming the image which you have captures in high Megapixel then you get high clarity.

What is the Resolution of Megapixel ?

Now, we know that what is Megapixel. 1 Megapixel have 1152 to 864 it means that it have 1152 pixel length and 864 pixel height. If you multiple it then you will get almost 1 million pixel. In 2 Megapixel have 1600 to 1200 it means that it have 1600 length pixel and 1200 height pixel. If you multiple it you will get almost 2 million pixel. According to increase the number of Megapixel the image will have more clarity. For example if there are two people having different Megapixels, one have 4 Megapixels and one have 8 Megapixels and same sensors then we cannot see the improvement of that same image. So that, the sensors should also be high for high quality image and clarity.

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